Welcome to Eglise Apostolique D'Evangile

 Welcome to Eglise Apostolique  in Jesus name,we are pleased to have you visiting our website today and pray that the Lord will certainly visit your concerns today.We preach Salvation to all people in Jesus name and encourage those who have not received Jesus Christ as their Lord and savour to do so today.The requirement is simple because the bible says ,"If we confess Jesus Christ with our mouth and believe in our hearts that God raised him from death,we shall be saved" Rom;10:9

Some people get scared to give their lives to Christ because they think their sin is much and the world will mock them,but it is exactly for people like you that Christ was crusified ,that through him you may receieve grace to be justified for the bible says"There is therefore no more condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus Rom;8:1.



we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, our mission is to plant churches in every part of the world where there is need for the word because the bible says "The word of God living and active and sharper than two edged sword.....Heb;4:12", So we release the word to all Nations for Healings,miracles and prophetic utterances.God keep bearing witness to the word we preach through signs and wonders as people testify to divine deliverance,healings and miracles.